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A selection of Oaks, Frostbluff, Jan 2014

In the Lord of the Rings Online, The Oaks is a small Kinship who are fans of Tolkien's world. We play on the Laurelin European RP (role-play) server.  The Oaks is a largely European based, English speaking group of mature gamers.

The Oaks started as a day one Kinship, and has currently about 10 - 15 active members. We don't actively recruit, prefering to get to know people through fellowships and raids to let them see if they like us first!

We are a friendly and sociable multi-cultural bunch, with members from many countries. Our goals as a kinship are quite loose. We always aim to play all MMOs in the spirit of the game - we are completely opposed to any use of game exploits. We enjoy social chatting, fellowship grouping for all levels and go out of our way to help other members with crafting and quests.  We like to think we are helpful and welcoming players! If you are looking for something that sounds like us, feel free to contact one of our members in Middle-Earth and they will put you in touch with one of our Forum Administrators who will assist you in creating an account.

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